Software for data acquisition, analysis and visualization of large scale ion-channel signals for applications in High Throughput Screening and Drug Discovery. Ion channels are the third largest pharmaceutical target class and Signal is designed to automate processing of multiple ion-channel signals collected from a 96-well plate.


The application acquires and presents an arbitrary number of selected signals, with zooming and panning capabilities in real time, similar to a multi-channel digital oscilloscope while providing user interface for programming excitation waveforms. Also, every signal is analyzed in order to calculate typical response parameters like peak time, value and width. Those results are further presented to the user in a graphical or tabular form. The application is structured in two layers: acquisition back-end and user interface front-end. Back-end, implemented in C++, interfaces ADLINK acquisition hardware and provides signal processing functions. Front-end user interface for signal display and excitation control is implemented in C#/.NET based on the most recent Microsoft graphical framework, the so called WPF (Windows presentation foundation).