This is a next release of the KUBA ST 4.0 application with the following distinguishable features:kuba-st

  • modeling of complex bridges with multiple structures;defining traffic lanes for centric/eccentric crossing of the bridge;
  • defining routes along geographic information system (GIS) axes;
  • accounting for crane type of exceptional transports;
  • modeling of exceptional transports with theoretically unlimited number of axes;
  • intuitive graphical presentation of exceptional transport’s crossing capabilities related to the bridge traffic lanes;

KUBA ST 5.0 was developed in tight correlation with the other KUBA 5.0 projects, and was heavily relied on a framework specially created for this purpose by CADRZ. Program was written in C# and developed with MS Visual Studio 2008. Compared to KUBA ST 4.0, it was designed using MS Windows Presentation Foundation