InfFaros is the last generation application covering the topic of system infrastructure maintenance. It is based on mathematical models which are implemented in the IMWZ and Cockpit applications, but its modern user interface is oriented towards Web design and GIS ( applications. While presenting to the user actual map of region of interest with objects which are subjected to maintenance, at the same time it allows the user to configure all parameters concerning the calculation, like priority and authorized measures of objects during maintenance, overall budget available for maintenance etc. InfFaros is also integrated with the historization concept applied in the   Auswertesysteme SIS application, thus allowing the user to reveal effects of maintenance in the past based on inspections data, in the same way as if he can obtain optimal maintenance policy for the system in a time horizon of prediction.


While offering modern GUI with graphical presentation of results, for in depth presentation of results InfFaros outputs data to the Microsoft Excel which can be further manipulated by the user. The application is implemented in C# (server side) and JavaScript (client) using some most popular Microsoft concepts in Web and DAL (data access layer) design (MVC and EntityFramework), open source database for GIS applications (PostgreSQL db.) and on the client side rich open source Web GUI in JavaScript (OpenLayers, ExtJs, and GeoExt framework).