3ort inženjering was founded in August 2003. It comprises a group of electrical engineers experienced in research and development in the areas of software design, implementation, testing, and software quality assurance.

3ort inženjering is primarily concentrated on highly qualitative and cost effective custom application development to its clients. We have experience in many sectors, and especially in Infrastructure Management enterprise applications. These applications are concerned with system infrastructure maintenance planning, minimization and estimation of long term maintenance costs, and estimation of condition state of the infrastructure network during its life-cycle based on complex system behaviour modelling. We are mainly responsible for producing highly professional software application for our clients based on their own mathematical models, but we are also capable of being involved and contribute in the complex system life-cycle behaviour modelling. Most recently we are involved in producing rich graphical user interface front end for electronic optical devices and test equipment.

Generally, enterprise applications include infrastructure management, payroll, patient records, shipping tracking, cost analysis, credit scoring, insurance, supply chain, accounting, customer service, foreign exchange trading, and so on. They usually involve persistent data with many people accessing the data concurrently, usually need a rich user interface, and integrate with other enterprise applications. Finally, most of them incorporate a complex business logic, that will certainly change over time. Enterprise applications performance can be expressed through response time, responsiveness, latency, throughput, load, load sensitivity, efficiency, and capacity.

In order to achieve the most regarding performance, 3ort inženjering is constantly concentrated on usage of the best design patterns of enterprise applications architecture. Our main technology stream is based on Microsoft .NET platform and its support for client-server architecture. These include Web oriented Silverlight and Rich Client WPF applications, WCF services and ASP.NET Web server pages. Beside that, we are also using c++, java and javascript.

3ort inženjering is specialized in developing enterprise applications based on the unified process iterative development. As being in the field for a long period 3ort inženjering also offers consulting services regarding enterprise applications software architecture, iterative development and project management